"We can assist in finding dollars for your next Project"

Janet Sheguit, TRMC, Director of Client Services

Janet Sheguit, TRMC, Director of Client Services

Finding or watching for grants to match proposed projects is tedious and time consuming.  We have resources that we check daily that may match up with projects required or desired by your community. 

It requires between 40 to 120+ working hours to prepare grant applications based upon their complexity.   We also provide and coordinate the leg work, information gathering, city staff input, and meetings with the agency providing the grant.   

"It is a marathon not a sprint"

Is your Community a prime candidate for Grant funds?

USDA-CDBG (Community Development Block Grant)

The CDBG funds are dispersed to both large and small population communities. The smaller populated areas are required to "compete" for the limited number of funds available each fiscal year. Larger communities are considered "entitlement" cities. These funds are typically designated to low to moderate income neighborhoods. These funds may be utilized for improvements to water and sewer infrastructure. 

We will determine your CDBG eligibility!

TWDB (Texas Water Development Board)

The TWDB has applications for both Grants and Loans. A portion of the loans may include loan forgiveness. One of the grant programs is "Flood Protection Grants." These grant funds are available for flood early warning systems, the implementation of local strategies for alerting and responding to floods, or flood protection planning.  Of course, TWDB has loans (with some forgiveness if a community qualifies) for water and sewer infrastructure.

TxDOT (Texas Department of Transportation) Transportation related projects

There are dozens of more options!

Contact BSP's funding "expert" Janet Sheguit to discuss the possibilities for your next community project. 

• Texas Department of Agriculture  (Certified Administrator)
• Texas Department of Transportation (LGPP Certified)
• Texas Parks and Wildlife Department
• Texas Water Development Board
• USDA Rural Development