Our GIS and Drone Advantage

Aerial video imagery and Drone Mapping

Aerial video imagery and Drone Mapping

 BSP's comprehensive GIS services gives us the advantage in developing efficient and customized solutions from small 5-acre sites to multiple square mile projects.  Our field crews utilize the latest drone technologies, GPS and Pix4D Drone Mapping software. What does this mean for your community?  ANSWER: We can provide real-time sub-centimeter accuracy to your next project within days of starting your project.

Drone created 3-D Point Cloud

BSP maintains a LiDAR or surface model database for most areas of Texas. 

Michael Beach  (Left)  - GIS Analyst     Matt Beach  (Right)  - Survey Manager

Michael Beach (Left) - GIS Analyst

 Matt Beach (Right) - Survey Manager

Our database library contains hundreds of square miles of LiDAR which may end up saving your community big dollars.   The benefits of LiDAR include fast turn around of elevation topography, instant access to Digital Terrain models, and cost effective contour generation for multiple square mile areas. BSP's Lidar database seamlessly integrates into our GIS mapping systems.

In summary, our comprehensive set of GIS and complimentary GPS equipment enable BSP to choose the right tool to deliver the services you need in a quick, highly accurate and cost effective manner.   

• Latest in GPS and Robotic Survey Technology
• GIS Creation & "What if" Analysis
• Digital Terrain Modeling
• Utility Asset Inventory and Mapping
• Airborne LiDAR Database
• Aerial Imagery